Asynchronous test system for any educational subject

Meet TutorKit

Make correction and marking time zero. Create tests for any educational subject, release your creativity and schedule your students' exams.

Give your students the opportunity to do their exercises at any place/wherever they are and get rid of correcting and marking forever. Meet the most innovative, reliable and stable progress control system of the market and boost your students’ success.

TutorKit in action

fill-in exercise multiple choice exercise scheduling tools
  • Make your own multiple choice and fill in exercises, releasing your creativity with the variety of visual formatting tools at your disposal.
  • Create tests with the exercises you want and set your own rules.
  • Schedule tests, define the period they have to be done in and select the students that will take part.
  • Send the tests to your students with a single click.
  • Have your students just finished the test? Receive their results with a single click.
  • Finished! The tests, the scores in detail and the final score are on your screen.
The student sits the test offline and no Internet connection is required.

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Try it today

Try TutorKit for as much time as you wish with no restrictions in its abilities and functions. It will never lock and you will be receiving all the latest versions for free. TutorKit without a license is perfectly legal and it allows you to schedule and run up to 15 tests. Of course you are always able to continue and create unlimited exercises and tests.

License packages

If you need more than one licenses, we offer...

from 2 to 4 licensesdiscount 20 %
from 5 to 10 licensesdiscount 25 %
For a larger amount of licenses please contact us.

Our plans

Upcoming versions are going to include the following add-ins:

  • The teachers’ community. You will be able to create exercises and tests remotely from any place.
  • Ability of extending exercises to other educational fields.
  • Ability to design and print student’s progress report.
  • Automatic spelling check.
  • Translation of the menus and tools into Greek.
  • Comparison tool to cross check your students’ answers in the test.

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